Jun 6, 2012


Although heights may not be the greatest fear on my list of fears, jumping off a bridge surely brings a worry to my - and most peoples minds!  Not to mention, it is the highest freakin' bungy bridge in the world man!  The Bloukrans Bridge, situated in Tsitsikamma in the gorgeous Garden Route. 

From the regretful moments of walking to centre of the bridge to standing on the edge pumping your every drop of adrenalin to the sound of blasting music and the count-down, letting go has never been such a rush!  And if you think you're gonna change your mind on the plank - the friendly guides out there don't hesitate to give you a gentle nudge on the word Bungy!  A certain picture of mine comprehensively explain the exact feeling afterwards, as you can see below. 

It truly is a memory that you take with you and it reminds you of all the things that you can do if you allow yourself the freedom. 

And b.t.w. if a 96 year old guy can do it, who the heck can't?  Mohr Keet said the following that rings true to my heart:

"I believe I have to do things... to live life!"

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